Our Core Services

QDL is a full service direct-to-consumer and digital agency rooted in performance. Our success is completing the digital ecosystem with solutions that can help start-up brands off the ground to multi-billion conglomerates looking for deeper resourcing and expertise with custom solutions.

  • Digital Advertising

    Paid Social: Get more eyes on your brand by advertising on third-party social networks. We’ll get your brand to the forefront by targeting specific customers and capturing new subsets of customers.

    Paid Search: Search engine marketing can make all the difference. We’ll get your business in front of people actively looking for your product or service.

    YouTube: Make your product stand out in a sea of sameness. We will help you build your brand with eye-catching images, videos, and copy to help you stand out.

    Influencer Marketing: Build your brand with the best word-of-mouth advertising. Strategically leverage the power of an individual's influence to increase brand authenticity, trust, and sales.

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  • Email and SMS Marketing

    Email: Reach your customers with full lifecycle management, testing and optimization, automation, segmentation, and personalization management.

    SMS: Our SMS service allows you to reach your audience where they are most open to hearing from you – with targeted text messages.

    Loyalty: Our Loyalty service allows you to set up incentives and bonuses for purchasing more or referring friends, turning the often tedious task of retention into a fun game.

    Subscription: Maximize recurring purchases for new and returning customers with subscriptions–they’re perfect for any essential item with replenishment needs.

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  • Website Design & Development

    Site Design: Our team can provide a complete and bespoke new design with proven UI/UX that boost conversions and customer experience.

    Application Development: We build custom private and App Store Shopify apps, focusing on data integrations and middleware for a seamless experience for your customers.

    Shopify Site Development: We’ll design, build and launch your Shopify 2.0 store, headless site, or complete custom site from scratch.

    Custom Web Development: We use the latest technologies to build custom websites that are responsive, secure, and scalable.

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  • Technology & Engineering

    IT Representation & Support: We communicate all things tech on your behalf with third-party vendors, customers, and stakeholders. We’ll handle all implementations, updates, debugging, and more. 

    Vendor Research & Evaluation: Our team will test your apps and services, communicate with vendors, and handle any necessary maintenance. 

    Systems Maintenance: We offer tech support for debugging issues with third-party vendors, including Shopify.

    Technical Project Management:  Whether you need requirements gathering, issue tracking, project planning, or project evaluation and reporting–we’ve got you covered.

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  • E-Commerce Management

    Site Management: We'll update your product catalogs, manage plugins, and ensure that all content is fresh and up-to-date.

    Landing Page Creation: Our team creates beautiful, high-performing landing page campaigns to increase sales, boost lead quality, and drive revenue upward 

    UI/UX Improvements: We'll ensure a functional, consistent, and efficient shopping experience with a sales funnel to reduce bounce rates, customer support requests, and abandoned carts.

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  • Creative

    Branding: We develop brand identities with a unified logo design, brand vibe, voice, and color palette.

    Graphic Design: Our team creates designs that get you noticed with expertly designed print, banner, and ad graphics.

    Video Editing: Our experienced team of editors are here to help create beautiful, professional video assets for use on ads, social media, and your website. 

    Content Creation: Our creative team writes content that supports your business goals, communicates the right message, and sticks to your brand voice.

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  • SEO + Content Development

    Technical SEO: Make your website lean, mean, and optimized for search engines with site crawling, GA/GSC reviews, and audits.

    On-Page SEO: Our expert team of SEO professionals can optimize your product and category pages to maximize organic search performance.

    Local SEO: We can help you expand your local footprint and optimize your Google Business Profile to maximize visibility in organic search results.

    Content Strategy: We know how to capture intent with keyword research, competitive analysis, and content development.

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  • Data & Insights

    Insights & Analysis: Data is only valuable if you can understand it. We do and we have years of experience translating KPIs into conceptual business insights anyone could use.

    Marketing Insights & Strategy: We’ll provide the perfect combination of data science and marketing experience to make sure we turn your data into strategy for growth.

    Testing & Optimization: Our company name includes “Labs” for a reason. There’s always more to learn and our marketing team is never NOT testing.

    Customer Data Profiling: We all know the mantras, but our team takes custom personas and audience indexing to the next level with prescriptive planning and actionable insights for how to best approach your most prominent customers.

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  • Customer Service

    Voice Support: We believe in the power of the human voice. Our goal is to create a customer service experience that makes your customers feel like they’re talking to someone who cares about their questions.

    Email Support: Our email support team is here to help your customers with any questions and concerns so that you can focus entirely on your business.

    Live Chat Support: Our live chat support service is designed to help you solve your customers’ problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Back Office Admin: When it comes to your company’s back office, we’ll take the wheel. We’ll help you manage your data entry and document maintenance.

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